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You come home and the dog knocked a bag of chips on the ground and tore it open. You almost fall on the slippery tile floor as you open the refrigerator to put away the cheese and vegetables you just bought. You notice that the 2 liter bottle of soda sitting in the refrigerator that your live in’s been drinking is empty but it’s been put back. You feel a minor pang of annoyance, Why do you have to be the one to clean up? You sit down and turn to the news channel. Any news channel. The news is so stressful and awful you want to tune it out. If just for a moment. But can you? The answer is, yes and no. If you want to drift off to sleep you can. But as long as you are awake in the real world, you just can’t. We are…

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Fighting Tiredness!!

Somehow we all manage tiredness fairly badly! Tonight I have my little boy who is 20 months and shattered failing to give in to this. I also have a delightful partner who tells me I’m stressed and I’ve made my monkey like this.

So much so for morale support from our men, sometimes they make us feel amazing!

I’m often made to feel that these mistakes are mine and often made to feel like a terrible parent! Which sucks, but looking back, what are we all like when we are over tired! We are horrible aren’t we! I know for a fact that sometimes i’d quite like to sit on the floor and scream for 20 minutes I would find it quite therapeutic! Maybe I should try it next time my son decides not to sleep! Or will in turn be then told I’m stressing him out even more!

The greatest gift of parenting is learning that we aren’t perfect! Criticism is never needed and sometimes people should learn to not say a word!!!!